Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to get rid of ACNE

If you've been reading this blog before then you probably know that I had a very horrible acne breakout months ago. 

You can read more of that story here, here, here and here.

Some people often ask why I use the username RealAsianBeauty for a blog and YouTube channel that focus mostly on nail arts. That's because when I started blogging and making videos, I originally wanted to do make-up tutorials and other beauty related videos. I was really going to do it but then my face broke out! And you haven't seen a make-up guru with lots of pimples, have you? So that incident really broke my heart.

Here is a photo of my face before and after the acne breakout.
Left photo taken in March 2012 while the right photo was taken in October 2012.

Another photo of me taken in April of 2012 when the breakout was at it's peak!

I went through a LOT to clear the cystic acne on my face. I will talk about everything in this post.

This is going to be LONG because I will talk about how I broke out, my experiences while my skin was really unbearable to look at and how I got rid of acne. So, I hope you read on until the end. :)

I was really hesistant to do this because I will be exposing my face to the public. It's not like I haven't posted enough photos of my skin with lots of pimples, right? But still I felt very hesistant. Those months, I was really really hopeless. I cried each night and I often talked to my mom, my aunts , my cousins and my friends how hopeless I felt. And I am very thankful they were there during those times because they helped me heal not physically but emotionally and mentally. So I thought someone on the other side of this computer may also be experiencing severe acne breakout and may not know what to do and how to cure it, so I just decided to go for it.


I will be honest that I do not have perfect skin. Ever since I started going to college, I often get minor acne break out once a year. But it was really minor with only some zits and bumps. 

But this year, 2012, was different. February 2012, I remember I started noticing bumps on my jaw and ear area. The kind of bump that is hard and seem unprickable. They weren't really pimples but just big and hard bumps. I was not stressed out at that time nor did I change my diet, my beauty regimen, my beauty products or anything. It just started to happen. 

Then, I went to a facial center (this was a facial center I've had several treatments before), and what happened after it was unimaginable! I noticed that after that specific treatment, my pimples started growing more and they did not stop. My pimples started growing with puss. My entire face was covered with acne! :( I think it was not the facial center's fault because I had several treatments from them prior to that, but it must be the facial attendant. You see, that session was not really the best one would consider. 

Here's my skin a few days after that specific facial treatment:
I know, right? It's really horrible. I even feel scared and sad when I look at my past photos now. I always ask myself how I was able to live and go out of the house looking like that. But that's nothing. It will get worse later on. The photo was taken March 31, 2012.

So, that's how the break out started. 

Now, I will talk about the products that I used and the treatments that I had that helped me cure my acne.

To know the full story about how I got rid of my ACNE,
please watch the video below.


I am the adventurous type of person. I always go for the unexplored and the untried. That's why I am also same with make-up and beauty products. During those times, I bought and tried every available product in the market but it was not a wise act because it only made things worse.

I found out later that it is really best to find the perfect product for you and stick with it even if "better" products come out in the market.


We start and end our day washing our face that's why the facial cleanser you choose is the key to getting rid of acne.

*Stay away from "anti-acne" products.  Those products are supposed to heal you but I don't understand why most often than not, those products also cause your pimples to break out even more. I tried every available product in the market, nothing worked.
That is because anti-acne products are too harsh. Acne when treated with marsh chemicals only gets irritated and worse.

So, when it comes to gentle facial cleanser, I really recommend Cetaphil!


I went to Flawless to get facial treatment. I went there every 2 weeks for 6 straight months!

Minor zits don't need pricking, but the breakout I had then got out of hand so I really had to go to the facial center. I went to Flawless. Their Facial Cleaning really helped cure my acne. 

If you see in the photo, my face was covered with puss and the only way to remove it was to actually prick each spot. It was really horrible and PAINFUL! If you've never tried facial treatment before, I am warning you because it may really be painful, depending on how high your pain tolerance is.
Read more about Flawless facial treatment here.


This is also a facial treatment I get at Flawless. This is a treatment celebrities often have because it treats pimples fast. You will see that the spot injected will dry up the next day after the treatment. However it is a little painful especially if you are afraid of needles.

I was also under this treatment for months! Each time I went to Flawless for facial cleaning, my doctor followed it up with this treatment. The first time I had it, she injected about 30 spots on my face...which then turned to 25...then 17 and the last time I had it, she injected only 2 spots!

 This treatment is really effective especially if you are looking for a treatment with is fast and shows obvious effects.  

However, it could be a bit pricey. Each shot costs P100 or about $2-$3. It's okay if you only have 1 spot but what if the doctors needs to inject 30, like what she did to me? That's already a whooping 3,000 pesos! 

Read more about this treatment here


 I was also prescipted by my doctor to take antibiotic to kill that germs within my body that may be causing the acne.

I took 30 capsules of Tetralysal antibiotic. I took 300mg capsule. Each capsule costs P90/$2 at drugstores.  

Tetralysal treats infections caused by bacteria.

First, I took 15 capsules for 15 straight days. I was advised to take it with empty stomach so I took it right upon waking up in the morning.

I took the next 15 capsules for 30 days because the doctor told me to take it alternately each day.

I did a research and found out that too much antibiotic is not good for the body. In some instances, people had to take it for 3 or longer months before the effect kicked in. Luckily for me, it only took 30 days. I was NOT totally healed after 30 days. I just noticed that the puss and cystic acne stopped coming.


After taking antibiotic, I did not see too much improvement on my skin. So, after the 30 capsules, I was prescripted by the doctor to take antiandrogen therapy pills.
I took Diane 35 which is similar to Yasmin pill.
I took 2 cycles of Diane 35 pill. I took it at night before going to bed. 

I noticed that my skin improved after the first cycle! My skin was tighter and smoother and the cystic acne finally stopped growing.

The side effects of taking pills I experienced while on it were:

  • breast pain, tenderness / swelling
  • change in appetite
  • mood swings

I didn't care so much about the side effects because nothing was really serious. But I'm afraid I would have gotten fatter if I took it longer. I was seriously eating so much then and I noticed that I was really moody and got irritated so fast with no reasons.

*I noticed that my skin really improved after taking it but please do not just take my words.
Please ask your doctor before taking any medications such as antibiotic or pills.


Another product that helped dry up my acne was this acne astringent from Flawless.

It contains water, alcohol, salicylic acid and  clindamycin. It costs P340 or about $8.

I used it in the morning after washing my face and at night right before going to bed. It helped dry the pimples and lighten scars and also made my complexion lighter. My skin is really oily and I noticed that my skin was less oily and became tighter.


Wether your have acne or not, water is really beneficial to our body. It flushes out toxins and replaces lost fluid.

I drank a LOT of water! I drank more than 8 glasses. I used a really tall glass that holds about 2 1/2 glasses of water. I drank 8 glasses of that tall glass so I basically drank 16 or more glasses of water in a day! 

Drinking too much water may make you feel bloated and nauseous. A simple trick is to drink 2 glasses of water right upon waking up in the morning and a glass of water 1 hour before each meal and another glass after eating. The rest of the amount, drink it throughout the day.


When you are sleeping, you are less stressed out. Stress is one factor why pimples breakout! 

I work from 2pm to 11pm so it's really impossible for me to sleep early. I also need to stay up late because I do videos, edit them and blog at night. #bloggerduties :)
But anyway, if you are like me who need to stay up late, be sure that you are still getting the right amount of rest. 

It also helps that you don't stress yourself out. During those months, I look at myself in the mirror and I see an ugly face which makes me really stressed out. I think about it when I wake up, I dwell on it the entire day and then stare at my face and cry about it at night. All of those drama did not help clear my acne. Free your mind and think happy thoughts. Look at your face in the mirror and you have to see beyond the acne, imagine that you have clear skin! Keep doing that and you have to believe in it. It really works! It worked for me. It's called the "law of attraction". :)


Non-comodogenic and hypo-allergenic make-up's still irritate the skin! It doesn't matter how expensive or "safe" the product is, if it gets on your acne it will still irritate it.

I also had to bear going out of the house with no make-up. For 6 months or so, I went out of the house, went to the office, met my friends and went to parties with bare face.

If you really must wear make-up then I suggest doing just your eyes and lips. Since pimples don't usually grow on the eye area, you can still do your eyebrows, eyeshadow and eyelashes. It's also the time to stack up on lipsticks. Give your face that instant kick by gliding red or pink lip color! :)

Remember, apply anything but foundation and powder to prevent further irritation to you skin.

*Also, remember to keep your hair away from your face. Our hair collects dust and dirt. So if your hair gets on your pimples then it will cause them to flare out and breakout even more. if you don't have anywhere to go to then just wear a headband or tie it back. Cutting bangs or fringe is also not advisable during these times as it may irritate your acne. Remember to keep anything away from your face! Make-up, hair, pillow cases, your fingers!


The final step to clearing out acne is to stick to the regimen. It means doing what your doctor told you to do, listening to your mom because as you know moms know best, and keep using the product until you get healed.

Some products take longer time before showing some results. It is always a rule to use a  product and stick with it for 1 week to really see the effects. Some products also break you out even more at first and then clear out acne after 2 weeks or so. 

The key is to find the perfect product for you. TV commercials and the Internet sometimes lure us to try new products in the market. Trust me, I did that before. But it just makes things worse. If you have finally found the right soap, cleanser, toner, sunblock etc. for you then you have to stick with it. Trying another product may cause your skin to break out.

I started using these products and doing these treatments and regimens in March 2012 and I still use and do every single one of them up until now. 

* * *

So, that's how I got the acne and how I got rid of it.

It was not easy and it took some months to finally see my skin start clearing up. I noticed that my skin started clearing up around August-September 2012. 

I am very thankful that I got healed. 

This is my skin now..

As you see in the photo, the cystic acne is gone and it's really nice to finally see and be able to touch my face with no bumps and puss! However, cystic acne leaves scars and spots on the face. I also go to Flawless to have "chemical peeling". It's a chemical treatment that lets skin to peel in a couple of days. To read more about that story, please click here.

This was a LONG post but thank you for reading!

If you are like me and you are experiencing acne breakout,too, I just want to say that you should never ever feel hopeless. There is really still hope. You just have to believe and be patient!

I hope you get healed soon! :)

Leave your comments, suggestions and questions below. I will read and respond to all of them!


Disclaimer : This post was not sponsored. Every opinion was based on my own experience after using the product and trying the treatment.

It took some time before my acne was healed and of course money was spent. Some of you may consider these ways as pricey. There are also cheaper and affordable ways to cure acne.

Not because a product/treatment worked on me doesn't mean it will work 100% on you, too. Please consult your doctor/dermatologist before trying any of the products mentioned in this post.

Always consider your health and safety first before trying any product! :) 


  1. It rally pays to go to a good dermatologist. Better to consult a professional than just self medicate. Congratulations to achieving clear skin. :)

    1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I did consult a dermatologist. My derma was the one that told me to take anti-biotic, pills and the treatments. :)

  2. I broke out din ng feb march until august sept,and its my first time na magbreak out ng ganun kagrabe,ive consulted derma and Ob they gave me the same thing diane because what i have ia hormonal acne,and tetralysal which made a dent on my pocket twice a day,then i weaned myself off them,then i tried a lot of acne proda,duac differin,i went to a skin clinic skinhouse pero theyre more on business as usual ,now im still having those cystic deep painful no head kind of break outs but not as worst will try to visit flawless.kudos to you

    1. Hello Camille! I hope you get to read my response! You are from Manila? Oh I want to meet you to help you!
      I personally want to go with you to Flawless so that I can ask my doctor to assist you. My doctor from Flawless is really good and she really takes good care of her patients!!
      We broke out about the same time! I hope you get better soon na! Is it similar to my breakout or mas konti or mas madami? Cystic acne was also my problem then.. But never lose hope! I will help you! :)

    2. Thats very nice of you,its cystic those without any heads ive posted it on my blog prolly last aug or june i have fair skin kaya grabe halata hehe,hormonal breakout is a pain in the bum,going to visit sm san lazaros since thats the closest to me ang docs ba ng flawless is same lang like in manila?

    3. Yes, Camille! I read your blog. Anu ka ba girl, ang kinis mo na! I also sent you an e-mail but got no response. Your inbox might be jammed with other inquires so I understand. I hope your skin continues to get better!! :)

    4. Naku hindi pa kasi ako nag uupdate eh hehe hndi ko nakita wmail mo will check it again

  3. Hello from Romania! Found this blog post very interesting and I have to say, I admire you for having the strenght and courage to exopose your face so everyone can see how Cystic acne looks like and how it can be treated.
    I have been diagnosticated with Cystic nodular acne this August and my face already looks much better. In my case, the cause isn't a hormonal problem but a bacteria who loves my oily skin. However I do consider stress a cause or maybe it's just a coincidence, but I had a break out in June-July when I was stressed out because I had to present my thesis in order to get my Bachelor's degree in History. I always had minore acne problem but this summer my face turned in a nightmare.
    I was so close to depression, I used to cry every single night, couldn't sleep properly, remembered all the words I heard from here and there regarding my face, called myself ugly and so on.
    But after I started the treatment and talked with my lovely dermatologist, I started feeling better...and better. And now I even hope one day, with patience and rigour my face will look good.
    I use Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant - facial cleanser, Acne astringent which contains alcohol, salicylic acid as you also mentioned in your post - bought it from the pharmacy, they made it there for me, I also use as moisturizer Ivatherm Cream for acne prone oily skin and sensitive skin. I take antibiotics and Yasmin pills - when I got the news I've Cystic nodular acne, I also found out I have a small ovarian Cyst (and yes these 2 problems can also be related)
    So, as I said, after 2 months of treatment there is any pimple on my face but the scars are still there and I know they need time + a chemical peeling.
    Still need to take antibiotics until December 5th when I've an appointment at my dermatologist and I'm curious about what's next. I also took pictures of my skin since the day I've started the treatment so I can see the improvement.
    One thing I have to mention, I said to my dermatologist that I can't go out without make-up ( I refuse to go out without it, had some bad experiences which were some of the causes of my sadness and close to depression moments i've been talking about) and she did recommend me Vichy Dermablend Foundation. I only apply it after I clean my face with Bioderma, use the astringent and the Ivatherm cream and in these two months i haven't seen any side effects.
    Your skin looks amazing and I guess I should say, CONGRATS!
    Btw, subscribed to your YT channel, liked your FB page and followed you via GFC and on Pinterest! Lovely blog!
    Best regards, Deeb

    1. Hello, Deeb! Wow! This by far is the longest comment someone has ever left on my blog. Wow. Thank you for taking the time to do so!
      So, get ready for my equally long response.. :)
      I am glad my blog reaches Romania! I am honored people from outside the Philippines get to read what I write..
      It actually took me months before I finally gathered enough courage to film my face, take photos and then upload them all on the internet.. I know people would criticize me for having a skin that's so far from perfect..but I thought some people might be suffering from the same case, too. So I wanted to share how mine was healed..
      I also have oily skin, like you. My skin gets oily even after 30 minutes of washing it. Even if I don't do sports or go out of the house, my skin just automatically produces oil. :( And that may be the cause of the cystic acne I had.
      I know how you feel, Deeb. Don't feel so down. Though I know at times you feel like just giving up and not going out..
      our face broke out almost the same time.. I hope you get healed soon! It is really best to have a dermatologist who really cares for you and your skin to help you.. It's good to have a good relationship with her so that you can be honest to her and that she can give you the best care that you really need.
      I am glad that you are using products that seem to work! Just keep it up and remember not to change products anymore when you've found the right one. :)
      Thank you for reading my post. Thank you for subscribing and liking my fan page on Facebook! I hope to hear from you soon!

      <3 Kristine

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    1. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment! :)

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    1. I'm so glad you found my site! Please come back next time for more stories and helpful tips! :)

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    1. Hello! I'm glad you like my blog design. As far as I remember, I haven't encountered any browser compatibility issue.. I am not good at web design, I only know the basic html coding... How about asking a professional web designer?

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    1. Thank you for reading! I am glad you like this post! :)

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    1. Thank you, Nahid! I see that you left so many comments on my posts. Thank you for taking the time to do so! :)

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    1. Wow! I'm just so glad you found my blog. Thank you so much, Jhon!

  13. Hi! I am really interested in your blog since I have a similar problem.I was just curious if the facial center you were referring to in this part "Then, I went to a facial center (this was a facial center I've had several treatments before), and what happened after it was unimaginable!" was Flawless or is it another facial center. I just noticed that the pics on that portion was dated March 31, 2012 and this post where you went to Flawless for a facial was dated March 15, 2012. Thanks in advance! I am really having problems with my acne and I am trying to go to new facial center. Cheers and Merry Christmas :)

    1. Hi Hahn! Februaru nag start yung acne breakout ko.. Flawless really helped me get rid of the acne and maibalik sa date yung skin ko.. What kind of acne ba? Cystic or may puss? Yung akin kasi, combination.. Sobrang lala talaga.. Minsan kasi yung dates ng posts ko, hindi nagtatagpo.. Minsan kasi late ko na naisusulat.. :)

  14. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.
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    1. Hello Abied! I am so glad to hear that my blog post regarding acne actually helps people learn. I will definitely update you! Thank you for reading! :)

  15. Hi there =.= Well, it would be my super very first time (Exaggeration needed LOL) to have a facial. I'm just quite scared to have a treatment, but it bugs me alot since i got a lot of dark spots because of pimples. I cosplay kasi, so nakakaiyak isipin na i have to cover it with make up (which i dont know how to cover, lol). So i'll be seeking for an advice. Which treatment and where will i get it kaya? <//3 I'm just in Sta.Mesa area, i saw Flawless in SM. Pero takot tlaga ko (HAHAHAHA) pleaaase help meeee T^T

    1. Hi Louise! Thanks for reading! :)
      First of all, how severe is your acne ba? Is it like mine or konti lang naman? Kasi I have friends that told me they have acne. when I look at them, I go like "ASAN?!" haha I'm thinking you have clear skin naman with some spots lang? Can you go to SM Flawless in SM North? Kasi sa isang tao lang ako nagpapagawa sa Flawless. I truest her kasi sobrang galing niya and magaan ang kamay. If it's your first time, gusto ko sana dun ka na lang..para hindi ka matakot.. Let me know. :)

  16. Hi Kristine, this post is really informative. I had a breakout about the same time as yours, and i have it until now. I've been to 2 dermatologists, one is even the Chair of the Dep. of Dermatology of Asian Hospital. I took a lot of meds na din, including Lymecycline. I also had chemical peeling, and I agree it does show good results after the peeling. But it's too costly and i had to endure the peeling for days. what i haven't tried pa is the pills. i'm married na kasi and we want to have a 2nd child na sana, kaya i don't want to take the pills.
    just yesterday, i had my 1st advanced facial at flawless. i plan to do this regularly and try their easy peel too. i hope this works for me.

    1. Hi Jen! :)
      Thank you for reading! My skin is almost clear now, Thank God! But I still get some spots lalo na kapag malapit na sa period ko. Which is sometimes frustrating kasi I spend the entire month na pakinisin face ko,then for just 3-5 days, bigla nalang siyang dadami ulet. :(
      Its so sad na you cant take pills. Sabagay, mas important ang baby. <3
      I noticed kasi na sa Diane talaga ako kuminis. Saang branch ka po ng Flawless nagpunta? :)

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