Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Girls Generation - I Got A Boy Nail Art

I'm back! I didn't post a nail art tutorial for 2 months and you just don't know how much I missed it. I had so much in mind that I wanted to do so I was really frustrated when my camera broke while I was in the middle of filming.  

Anywaaay, I am back now and I am back with a revenge! lol. Another Kpop inspired nail tutorial for people who follow this blog because of Kpop. :)

Girls Generation I Got A Boy inspired nail art.

Thank goodness for Kpop! I know some people don't really like Kpop and they don't understand why some fans do like it. But the music is actually cool. I thank these bands for their music and their funky music videos because they give me inspiration for my nail arts.

One reason why I like doing Kpop nails instead of the usual cute designs is because it gives me originality and uniqueness. I know there are so many nail artists these days so chances of doing the same design is not rare. When I do Kpop nails, I never get any comments that I copied or imitated anyone, unlike when I do the usual designs. And one more thing, 5 designs in one tutorial is better than just 1 design. It gives the audience the option to choose which nail they like best. 

For this nail art, here are the inspirations:

Just a side note, I saw these girls in person 2 weeks ago at the DKFC concert. Oh, they are all so beautiful. I was amazed how they all look exactly the same as how they look on tv and in pictures. So pretty, these girls!

So here is the nail art tutorial:

Here are the polishes that I used for each nail:

I hope you like this tutorial! Let me know what you think about this by commenting below.



  1. Oooh you have so many accessories!! Where did you get the colored stones? :D

    1. Hi Karen! I got it from Trinoma, sa Landmark Department store for only P99 pesos. :)

    2. Cool! They're just the right size for nails! I'll check it out :) Thanks!

    3. No problem, Karen! You can ask me anytime! :)


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