Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

This is one of my "what to wear to a concert" outfits. I recently went to a concert and honestly choosing the right outfit for the occasion was not easy. I had to consider style without compromising comfort. So I thought I should share some outfit ideas just in case any of you would also be going to a concert soon.  

This outfit is something I'd wear to a girly-ish concert say Beyoce, Mariah or Taylor Swift.

Pink and Gold go well together. The colors give a warmth and femininity to the whole look. Finish it off with a little hint of denim to make the look a little casual and laid back.

Concerts usually take too long before it starts. If you are watching a mainstream genre concert, chances are lines are too long and you're going to have to wait in line for hours, if not decades! 

That's why you should pick your shoes first and then build your way up. Flats and wedges are advisable. Stay away from killer heels and open toed shoes because people are going to be pushing each other, dancing and jumping in the concert. (if it's an open ground/standing concert)

Wedge sneakers (Luxury Mall)

 Pink bandage skirt

 Bustier top (Countess Glamshop)

Denim vest (Next Jeans)

 Satchel bag (Cuties and Charms)

 Bracelets (Girlshoppe)   

Boyfriend watch (Timex)

 Lips (Please Me - MAC)

 Nails (Pink - China Glaze Rich & Famous / Gold - China Glaze Solar Flare)

 What do you think of this look?


*all photos were taken using Canon Powershot sx 240 hs