Saturday, March 16, 2013


While I really love bodycon skirts and dresses and plain shirts, I somehow seem to have a love-hate relationship with those items. Bodycon skirts because it hugs your entire body and shows your every curves, or in my case now, some flabs. And for the t-shirt, I believe it's classic but sometimes I find it too boring...

My solution? Wear a peplum skirt and DIY a shirt! :)

Don't you just love how my shirt looks so prim and proper at the front, but when I turn my back, it just gives a "boom!"?

I know you love it like I do! :) This is one of the diy projects I did on my Youtube channel. I love it so much that I even made some shirts and gave them away to my friends as Christmas gifts last December.

And since black, red and gold look so good together, I played around those colors to complete my look. When you need to find accessories for a black clothing piece, try gold. Black and gold is such a timeless combination. 

I wore this outfit to the Glambox Cosmetics Spring and Summer Airbrush event today. 

DIY T-shirt ( Tutorial here )

Black and Gold Necklace ( Girlshoppe )           Gold Watch ( Timex )

Peplum Skirt ( from Bazaar )

Airbrush Make-up and Hair ( Glambox Cosmetics )

What do you think about this look?