Saturday, March 9, 2013

One Piece

If you ask me now what my favorite clothing item is, I'd quickly say bodycon dresses like this one!

I just love how they fit and how they save you time from worrying and trying to mix and match your clothes just to find the perfect outfit. All you need to do is be in that dress, grab some accessories and you are good to go! How convenient!

Did I forget to say that you'll look extremely sexy in them, too? 

I wore this dress to the Belle de Jour and Shiseido event at the Eastwood Mall today. 

Oh sorry! Am I blinding you because of too much sunshine? Sorry, it was 12 noon when I took the above photos. The best time to take outfit shots is in the morning around 10 am or in the afternoon around 4 or 5 when the sun is not at it's brightest, yes I know.. But still..

Now it's 5 pm! Yay! No more blinding sunshine!

Now back to the outfit. I really love bodycon dresses because it gives you an illusion of having curves. Not curvy enough for bodycon dress, you say? Choose the one that has interesting cuts or details. I've also seen some of them in two tones like this and this to give an illusion of slim waist.

Bodycon Dress ( Forever 21 )

 Gold and Orange Necklace ( Divisoria )

Gold Watch ( TImex )  Pink Satchel Bag ( Greenhills  )

Nude Boots ( Melissa ) 

But if there's a bad side to dresses like this, it's knowing you have to watch what you eat ( at least while you're in it) because it will definitely tell people when you've eaten just a bit too much. hehe

What do you think about this look?