Tuesday, August 20, 2013


One of my frustrations as a blogger is always trying to find someone willing to take my photos. Some people I know are good at photography yet they are too busy. That's why I was so glad when my college batch mate, who is good at photography, offered to take some photos of me! Yay! 

We had a collaboration project a couple of weeks ago for a pre-nuptial photo shoot. Jorelle took the photos, Arrienne did the make-up, while I styled the outfit and did the bride's hair. We went to La Mesa Eco Park one Saturday afternoon hoping for a sunny and bright day... But the weather failed us because it started to rain! Oh well, we gotta do what we need to do so we proceeded with the shoot. Here are some of the photos Jorelle was able to take.

Photos by Jorelle Frank
Make up by Arrienne Prisno
Styling by Kristine Roces (me)

The day was so chilly and gloomy. We were also behind the schedule so we had to take the photos really quickly before the sun set! We were soaked in water but it was a fun shoot!