Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hi guys! This post is not beauty, fashion, nail art nor Kpop related but as a Filipino I feel the need to post this here. After all, before I became a blogger I was a citizen of my country first. 

Some of you may have heard about what happened to the Philippines, Bohol and Cebu to be exact. When I heard the news, I felt so sorrowful for all the lives lost, people who were hurt... and most of all, I was so heart-broken when I saw photos and videos of the churches, tourists spots, houses and some other wrecked-establishments that the 7.2 magnitude earthquake left. The images were just so heart-breaking. :(

Let me show you guys how BEAUTIFUL Bohol and Cebu were before the earthquake.
Photo from
Photo from MORE photos from the site HERE
What the 7.2 magnitude earthquake left...
Photo by Robert Michael Poole

I just feel so bad to see how badly the cities were damaged. Philippines is not a rich country, and it's even more sad to see some of the "better" cities in the Philippines get damaged just like that. 

The sad fact that bites me is that I've never even been to those cities before. It's on my list but I just have never gotten around to actually going on a trip. I guess it's true when they say we should not take things for granted. I did take Cebu and Bohol for granted. I wanted to go to other countries first because I thought the beauty of these cities would always be there, waiting for me... I was wrong. I'm so glad my friends and cousins have been there already. 

But Filipinos are Filipinos. We can make it through this catastrophe. In time... I know people in Bohol and Cebu will do their best to restore the beauty of their cities. People here in Manila will always be praying for you. Stay strong, Filipinos!