Monday, December 16, 2013

Belle de Jour BDJ Power Planner 2014

As the clock ticks, we also get closer and closer to another year. Yay! Welcome 2014! We all wish for the basics : happy, healthy and a prosperous new year! One of the things in my list, though, is a 2014 planner! I'll share to you my favorite! :)

The Belle De Jour Power Planner!

I received this very early Christmas gift from BDJ! This, I think, is the very first Christmas present that I received this year. Thanks BDJ, for being an early bird! ;)

The gift includes a gray leather bound BDJ Power Planner 2014, BDJ Sticky-notes and a BDJ Forget-me-not jotter plus a BDJ Lifestyle card. 

I love love love BDJ planner and I'm not even exaggerating. I also got the 2013 BDJ planner and I seriously used it the entire year. Though I received a lot of planners as gifts last Christmas, I sticked with the 2013 BDJ planner since it's so convenient to use, everything I need in organizing and planning is inside!

Goodbye 2013 planner, Hello 2014 planner! :)

WHERE TO GET IT : BDJ Power Planner Website, National Bookstore, Powerbooks Store

BDJ Gray Leather Power Planner - Php 680
BDJ Sticky Notes - Php 220
BDJ Forget me not Jotter - Php 148

 The planner has a lot of special pages, monthly tools, weekly layout features and so much more! 

Some of my favorites are :

  • The BDJ Checklist that allows girls to discover more about themselves and a guide in enjoying and living life with a blast! 

  • The Cash Flow Tracker (the most used pages of my 2013 BDJ planner!!) to help budget hard-earned money and keep track of expenses. This is so useful since I was able to see how much I spent for buying the things I need versus the things I want. So for the next months, I was able to lessen buying the "just wants".

  • The Daily planner. I'm such a sentimental person that I write everything I did for the day. So if you want to stalk me, go get my planner. (lol) I also like being productive. I can't go by a day doing nothing, be it bathing my pet, editing a YouTube video, finishing a blog entry...I have to do something productive each day! So I keep track of my productivity using the daily planner.

  • A LOT of gift certificates and discount coupons!

I was also given this new BDJ product, the BDJ Sticky Notes! So pretty! I prefer real paper rather than using my phone when writing a memo. I tend to forget it when it's just on my phone. So I really like the memo pads that they came up with! So pretty and each pad was customized with a short line to help you NOT FORGET! :)

BDJ Power Planner is really the perfect planner, especially for a trendy and on-the-go girl like you!

Check out their website to learn more about their products!