Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2 #DKFC2

There's no doubt that the more I attend K-pop events, the more I get hooked to it! Yesterday, I went to Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert 2's Press Conference! Thanks to Ms. Chezka (Araneta's Marketing Officer) for the invitation and to Andy for the recommendation!^^

Here's what happened at the press conference...

Talk about feeling nostalgic. This is part 2 of the DKFC concert that I went to last January 2013. The venue of the press conference was held at Crown Plaza Hotel in Ortigas, the same venue of the OGS Manila press conference. They also stayed at the same hotel and the venue of the concert is the same venue as the OGS Manila. Oh sorry, everything I'm talking about now just leads to OGS Manila, doesn't it?

Was not able to take any OOTD photos... I guess this one will do. :)
Floral Top : Romwe - Skirt : LightInTheBox - Denim Cardigan : LightInTheBox - Wedge Heels : Luxury Mall

The press conference was an invite-only event. I felt so lucky to be in there knowing many other fans would join any contest or promo just to win a pass to their favorite's press conference/fan meet. I know how you guys feel!! I wanted SO BAD to be inside Infinite's OGS Manila Press Conference. But I wasn't able to attend it. :(

Now I'm part of the media! Yay!

DKFC2 was brought to us by All Access Productions, Ticketnet Online and Smart Araneta Coliseum! To be honest, I wish all production companies would hold Kpop concerts at Araneta Coliseum. Other venues are just too strict that they even ban sign boards, light sticks and other stuff. Araneta is the coolest place for a K-pop concert, honestly speaking, as you could bring in all signboards that you can. (Just be considerate of people behind you, guys. Don't bring billboard-sized banners! lol)

DKFC 2 Lineup

  • SUJU M
  • BAP
  • BTOB
  • AJAX 

I filmed a short vlog, here's the video :

I was looking forward to seeing BTOB and SUJU-M! I wanted so bad to see my baby Ilhoon and Seungjae and basically the whole group since I like all the members! And SUJU-M because I love the EunHae couple though Leeteuk is my bias! 

But I was not able to see them. T T Would have been so nice to see them upclose! 

Anyway, I got to meet some of my favorite Korean beauty bloggers: Andy from Shimmerjjang and Erika from Erikajjang! :)^^
It was so nice to finally meet them. I always read their blogs! They were both nice and humble! ^^

I love Erika's nails! Thought they were stickers at first. haha! 

First up, A-JAX!

I want so bad to take a photo like this and to be this close to my forever favorite INFINITE. Who knows, maybe in the future, right? OGS Part II or INFINITE Solo next time, Araneta? :)

Hyojun is the sweetest Kpop idol I've witnessed so far! He was so adorable and stared at almost every camera in the room. He really made sure he had eye-contact with everyone taking his photo! Such a sweetie! I noticed that he was doing that so I tried my luck. The next time he stared at me, I waved my hand like a freakin' seal! And what do you know, he waved back. I thought that wasn't enough, so I took my camera and waved at him once more, and then he waved back again! haha I felt like his wave was not to impress me or anything, but he was just sincerely happy to meet people. I wish all Kpop idols could be like him...

This scene would have been annoying had it been in a concert. lol The reason why I will never watch a concert in a moshpit ever again. 

Bye, A-JAX! I wish you make it far in the Kpop world and be as famous and successful as your seonbaes! :)

Bloggers on duty! ^^

Next, BLOCK B! 
To be honest and I do not mean to offend any fan, but I was eager to see Block B because I know one of their members was supposed to be Infinite's leaders. Okay, let me have a good at him, please! 

I don't know who you are but you are cute and you looked at my camera so thank you!! 

Since I am not a fan, I think I can give my opinion without being biased. I think these 3 are the cutest in the group!

Selca time!

However, I noticed that they were a bit aloof. They wore blank how I remember SHINee and EXO in the Kpop Republic press conference. lol. Is that how Kpop groups are supposed to act in a press conference? Hmm, I guess yes? Because they are in front of the press and they can't expect the media to be all their fans, right? So they don't give too much fan-service. Okay, I answered my own question! haha

So close! I tried to wave at U-kwon, but unlike Ajax's Hyojun, I only got a smirk. T T 

Happy Happy! ^^ 

Andy, why you so tall? Me, why sooo small?! haha

Only A-jax and Block B were in Crowne Plaza. I was desperate to know where BTOB was staying because I wanted to see them! I was not on Twitter so I had to do it manually. haha. I tried to walk around the area to ask some fans for info. But to my surprise, there weren't too many fans in Crowne... Unlike the hoards of fan girls that flocked there during the Infinite press conference. What I saw were high-school students in beautiful gowns. Ahh, prom season!

I was walking around the area when I saw these two girls :
Same girls I met at the Infinite press conference! Kpop is a small world. lol They told me BOTB and SUJU have not arrived yet...and BAP was staying at Shangri-La Hotel.

Tonight is the concert. It is actually happening as I am writing this post. I hate to say this, but I am #TeamBahay this time. haha. I want to save for the rumored EXO solo concert. :) I also heard almost 80% of the people that came to the concert are Suju fans. I hope you cheer for the other teams as well. :)

I heard there are many foreign fans that went to the event. Hi guys! Thanks for coming to the Philippines! I hope you enjoy the show and have fun in our country, too. We are sorry it got hot today. It was still cool yesterday. So I guess Summer is already here!

DKFC always has the best line-up! From DKFC1 to DKFC2. I am sure DKFC3 will be a good one, too. Here's my fearless forecast for DKFC3 : Beast, Teen Top or Mblaq, B1A4 or Boyfriend, ZE:A or Nuest, AOA or Bestie, Miss A or Apink or Sistar. (Kung nakaya ng DKFC1 ang Infinite, Exo at Snsd together, kaya din ito!) BUT, if you ask me for my perfect DKFC? Here! INFINITE, Super Junior, Btob, Exo, SHinee or 2PM and Snsd! Then I die the next day! :p