Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WHAT'S IN MY BAG?! (Office and Weekend bags!) ♥

I always bring a lot of stuff with me when I go out. That's why, I think, when people describe me to other people, they simply go like "That girl with a huge bag and a lot of stuff...". It sounds funny, but it's true.

I've always wanted to do a "What's in my bag" video but I didn't have pretty and expensive bags to show you, which kind of made me feel embarrassed. I'm so glad that recently, I got 2 pretty and quality bags from a website called EasttideFashion.com. EasttideFashion has a lot of fashionable bags. I had hard time picking just 2 bags! In the end, I decided to go with a classic black one and a more trendy and colorful one.

Find out what's inside my bag :

Everyday Office Bag
A classic black tote bag with hand straps and a sling strap. Link to the bag HERE.

I consider my office my second home. Not only do I spend most of my time there, I do a lot of stuff, too. I bring my computer to the office, and I even bring lunch and dinner with me so you can only imagine the amount of stuff I pack everyday. One quickly becomes the target of pick-pocketers when they see that you are struggling while traveling.
I'm glad this bag can fit everything so I only have to put it on my shoulders and I still have 2 hands free. Not only do I look fashionable but it also allows be to be mindful of my surrounding while on the road.

Weekend Bag
A bag that will give any look a pop of color. A bright cobalt blue bag with edgy gold studs and a front pocket. Link to the bag HERE.

I like bringing a long-strapped bag with me when I go to the mall because that way I can shop freely without having to worry about my things. I simply put it around my body and start shopping!! Clutches and handbags are a no-no when shopping because how would you be able to try those pretty shoes and blouses when your hands are occupied? You might end up placing your bag somewhere... So, this bag is the perfect weekend bag for me. It also has a lof of pockets to stuff the phone, receipts, extra money and coins. Above all, it's very trendy!

For more trendy bags, check out www.EasttideFashion.com.

Have a great day!