Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Inspired Outfits

So I heard it's getting cooler and cooler (colder) in most countries now. Surprisingly, Philippines isn't getting left behind. According to the news, Amihan (season of cool air) has just entered the Philippine zone so that means we are going to have less-hot days from now on. So that explains why I never touch the air conditioner button anymore. hehe

Perfect for the cool days are, of course, cool outfits! 

The outfits that I wore are for people that live in a tropical country but would still like to have that Autumn vibe. With the sheer tops that I wore, I doubt you'd feel any warmer in them. 

Watch the video here :

If you want to see more photos or curious about the brands I wore in each outfit, then check out these links:
OUTFIT 1 here
OUTFIT 2 here
OUTFIT 3 here

I haven't seen Autumn season yet but it's already by favorite season. It has been since forever. I saw that my friend is currently in South Korea and I couldn't help but stalk her Facebook for photo updates. Well, she just goes to Kpop-owned restaurants and Kpop fan meets. I don't exactly look at the places she visits but rather the background. I see a lot of Gingko and Maple trees that have dark green, brown, yellow and maroon leaves! Just. So. Lovely. 

Oh, also, I want to tell you now that I may not be able to upload outfit posts as often as I did before. I only rely on my workmates to take my photos. Now that I left the office, I really couldn't find anyone to take my photos anymore... I still have a lot of clothes to shoot, though. So, I'm sad about it. But when I do find another friend who's willing to take some photos of me then I'd be back with the regular Ootd's. But for now, I hope you could still enjoy this blog even without the fashion posts. Thank you for understanding, you guys!

Have a great fall season!