Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Antica Murrina Venezia launch in the Philippines

I was lucky enough to be invited to Antica Murrina Venezia Jewelries launch here in the Philippines at the Buddha Bar in Makati.

Here are some of the Antica Murrina's beautiful jewelry pieces.

It was a fancy event at a fancy place with fancy people and fancy drinks. I'm not a hard drinker but don't you think it's so baduy how I got a bit tipsy with just two glasses of sparkling wine?! hehe

So the concept of the night was to incorporate Antica Murrina jewelry pieces with fashion-forward clothing designs by Ryan Madamba. He used Abel Iloco materials to compliment the fine Murano jewelries!

When I got the e-mail invitation from Ms. Angela, I actually saw some famous bloggers as mail recepients. Some of them were David Guison, Vern and Vernice, Shensaddisction, Pinkcoolaid, and more. I was looking forward to seeing them that night. Guess what? NONE of them came! Too bad. (Just wondering, though, if the event was just a really small and intimate one and the organizer only invited 10... and only 2 came?! hehe)

Anyway, guess who came to the show...

Mrs. Imelda Marcos was there! It's so overwhelming how I get invites to events with guests as prominent as her. I feel so blessed, really!

Two bloggers: Kristine and Andy! hehe

I like taking candid shots of Andy and I noticed that she has also started taking candid photos of me, hehe I love this shot in particular! (The guy on my side was cute but wasn't interested to talk, though.)

Since I was young, I've been so curious how long Madame Marcos takes to get her hair done like that? Why did I not ask last night! #willforeverhauntyou #notreallygoingtoaskthough

The show finally started at around 7:30 PM. The show was indeed star-studded. Andy said this fine lady joined the Asia's Next Top Model show.

I love how well the Murano jewelries and Ryan's Abel Iloco dresses go together!

So I was sitting there admiring the dresses and the jewelries when suddenly this woman came from the second floor. Had no idea who she was until I saw the screen displayed her name. Divine Lee.

I don't always squeal or scream when I see celebrities (unless it's Infinite or some Kpop stars) but I really squealed when I saw her! 

Rica Peralejo

Kylie Padilla

Antica Murrina's face, Maggie Wilson.

The stage was so colorful and was filled with beautiful women!

The show ended and it was time to go home. I won't go home with some photos for the blog, though. 

It was so difficult to approach Tessa Prieto-Valdes. She looks so classy and rich and sophisticated that I didn't want her to think I was creepy or anything. Plus, she was always talking with someone that it was difficult to even say hi. I finally had the guts. If I may put it, she was "reserved" and "distant". I was telling her how it was so difficult to approach her and that she looks stunning in person but she just responded with a few nods...
I specifically asked Andy to capture Ms. Tessa's entire dress. hehe

Jimmy and Kring were there, too. If you guys remember, I used to write for Kring's MyKoreanBoyfriend.com blog. I wrote under her beauty and fashion category. I've always admired her and somehow jealous (lol) of her when she hosted the DKFC 1 concert and Infinite's Press Conference. I mean, any Inspirit would feel that way! hehe But I am so happy for her and Jimmy for their dreamy wedding! 결혼 축하합니다~

Successfully approached Divine for a photo. I'm not sure if I've told you guys enough how much I like Divine. I know some people that don't like her because of her "bakla" attitude and some even hate-talk on her because of her father's scandal. But I met her a few years back and I saw what I saw! She showed me a really nice personality. Yung walang ere and walang arte, kahit ang yaman! And that's what made me like her. I am very loyal when it comes to liking people. And I tell you guys that Divine is such a nice person! 
Would you believe I held her hands and hugged her?! Hah, creepy me. I told her how happy I was to see her and I was totally not expecting she'd be there. What I like about her is that she'd never make you feel like she doesn't want to talk or doesn't want a photo with you. It's always a YES with a smile. She'll also add some short conversation with that. 

So, that's what happened at the Antica Murrina event. It was such a lovely experience!

Check out Antica Murrina's website here to see more of their collection!

Thank you for reading our blog today! Have a nice day! :)