Sunday, January 31, 2016

EXO'luXion Concert in Manila Day 2 (#EXOLuxioninManila)

It has been exactly 7 days since the EXO'LuXion Concert here in Manila! How are you feeling? Have you moved on already? Most of you would probably say "NO!". It's true, though. Sometimes, it's so hard to move on from something. Especially when that something gave you so much to remember. Moving on and forgetting become so difficult. Don't you agree? 

Anyway, I am finally blogging the  EXO Exo'luxion Concert here in Manila. I went to the DAY 2 Concert. I am sure this blog post will be long and photo-heavy, so be ready!

Also, in case you haven't seen our Vlog Video yet, I embeded it to let you enjoy it first. 

The concert was held at the SM MOA Arena in Manila. 

The weather was fine on the day of the concert. Though, it would have been better if it was a bit cooler. A few years ago, months of December, January and February were still cool and windy. I remember when I lined up for the DKFC Concert in January 2013, it was cool and windy even at 2 in the afternoon. But now, even Christmas felt hot!

Tip for concert goers! Meet up with you friends first before going to the concert venue. It will surely be crowded and chaotic at the venue so it could be a bit difficult to see your friends. I had to wait for my friends for an hour while we kept on missing each other because we got confused where to meet up.

While waiting for my friends, I saw a group of girls sitting on the floor. They had a lot of banners! I asked myself how they would be able to raise all their banners at the concert, especially if they were to stand at the VIP Standing Area. I only got 3 banners that day and was not even able to raise a single one since I was busy watching, staring, jumping, screaming, dancing, taking photos and laughing. 

These girls, though. Seryoso tayo diyan, girls?

I also noticed that the staple/go-to OOTD of K-pop concert is a plaid polo shirt tied around the waist.


Prior to the concert, some of my followers asked me if I was going to the concert. I said no because I wasn't really going. But 2 days before the concert, KitKat sent me an invitation to go to the concert! Yay! (This is all thanks to my friend, Andy from because she recommended me to Gelo!)

Hello there, RED TICKET! I'll be able to watch the show because of you!

I was so busy that day that I failed to disturb my friends to ask them to take my OOTD photo. This is the closest to an OOTD photo I took that day.
Yes, I was also wearing a plaid polo around my waist! Hehe

This time, I didn't line up nor did I get pushed by other fans or used as a tripod by the person behind me because I stayed at the KitKat Lounge! Yay! It was my first time inside one of the Lounges in the Arena!

How convenient it is to watch a show inside this lounge, really? It's so spacious, it has relaxing couches...

And this cool KitKat bench!!

My Blogger friends and I couldn't help but snap some photos while sitting on the KitKat Bench!

The lounge also has a dining area for when you get hungry while shouting, dancing and screaming at the concert!

And it also has its own comfort room inside it! 

Anyway, let's quit talking about the comfort room and go to the main event!

Because it was the 2nd day, the Arena wasn't very crowded unlike the first day. Though, if you compare it to other K-pop concerts, the crowd is still huge!

I just wondered why there were some empty rows. I am pretty sure these seats were block-bought by some people, but they never arrived at the concert. I'm sure the people at the back would have wanted to sit closer to the stage, but because those were already blocked, they couldn't buy it. But the people that bought the tickets didn't arrive!

All the people at our Lounge! Feeling VIP, thanks to Kitkat!

My K-Blogger friends, Andy and Erika.

You know when girls are into K-pop when they take photos and they cover half of their faces. Hehe

Before, I didn't understand why people take their Instax camera to concerts since they could only take few photos with it. But now that I have the camera, I couldn't help but bring it to the concert as well. Instax-twinning with Erika!

We were given KitKat bars to munch on while we watch the concert! Two of my favorite things : K-pop and Chocolate!

After a few minutes of waiting and getting so excited, the screen finally showed their Introduction video, which I have to say, was very cool! Truly, an SM Entertainment creation!

I wasn't close to the stage, unlike the Infinite Effect concert, but it was okay since I was able to enjoy the whole stage and whole show this time rather than just focus my eyes on one area or one person.


However, the view becomes a bit better when they come and perform on the extended front stage. 

This is my actual view and the distance of the stage from our lounge. Not bad, yes?

Chanyeol and Chen moment! My current EXO favorite is Chen but Chanyeol got me into EXO when I watched him at the 2013 MAMA.

I have more stories to tell so be sure you keep on reading!

And then, there's Suho and Sehun moment. 

I was glad Chaneyol changed his hair color. The previous night, his hair was yellow. I'm not really a fan of K-pop stars with yellow hair. His ash-grey hair looked so good on him!

Baekhyun played the piano while D.O. and Suho sang with him.

They played cool videos in between sets, but my favorite has got to be these two!

The one where they pretended the camera was their girlfriend... and then, there was a hand OF A GUY! Lol

And the video where they played as cute little elves preparing coffee in the morning! I wish our coffee maker at home have handsome, little elves inside it, too! I'd drink coffee every morning, then!

Just take a look at D.O. Kyungsoo never fails to make me laugh with his antics!

How cute?!

I felt bad that Kai and Xiumin were injured so they sat on a chair the entire night. Good thing, they were able to adjust few of their stages so the other members could stand beside them while performing.

But most of the time, it was just the 6 members I get to take photos of. I almost forgot about the two members because they sat at the far back and farthest side of the stage.

And now, the most awaited performance...


They changed clothes right on the stage! I was hoping the white paper would fall off, too, like what happened in Macau. But, it didn't! Hehe

Just take a moment to look at Chanyeol and laugh out loud at his goofiness! I don't know how the paper landed on his face when Suho and Baekhyun ripped the paper. I'm pretty sure he didn't know as well. What's funny was that he ran the stage without even removing the paper on his face!

If you are a Chanyeol fan, I'm 100% sure you'd be the happiest fan! Chanyeol gives the best fan service, in my opinion. Those close to the stage were able to enjoy it! The guy just loves attention!


I'm sorry, EXO-Ls, though. But I don't understand the whole pairing idea. Sure, I pair Nam WooHyun and Kim Sunggyu but it's because I like seeing their close friendship. But I never call WooHyun as Sunggyu's wife and how he should get him pregnant. That is just... unacceptable.

But I do pair Chen with myself. Hehe I have the same silver bracelet, it's our Couple Bracelet! LOL!

After the December and Christmas songs, they went on to my favorite part of the concert! The part where they turned the Arena to a big Party Club and Chanyeol became the DJ!

The music was so upbeat and the lights were so impressive!

My friend that I tagged along to the concert said she was thankful that she finally got to see the boys perform "Growl" in person.

I took about a hundred photos similar to this one. A selfie showing the stage and the boys! Hehe 

FUN FACT! A few years ago, when I first got into K-pop and had never gotten into any concerts yet, I used to like Shinee so I photoshopped a photo of them on stage and put a photo of me in front. I then put it on my dream board and believed I would be able to watch a K-pop concert and be right in front of the stage. The photo looked 95% similar to this photo. Guess what, after 4 years, the photo I photoshopped became true! Not just once, but many times! I have watched a lot of concerts and have taken the same photo in the same front-stage location! Dreams and goals do come true, guys! So never stop believing in your dreams, no matter how big or how crazy other people think your dream is! I have never watched a Shinee concert, though, but my point is, sometimes your dreams and goals get altered a bit but it doesn't mean you'd be less grateful and less happy. What's meant for you will be given to you.

Then, the part where everyone was raising their white banner but I wasn't able to raise mine because I was too busy taking photos of everyone raising their banners! Hehehe

I'm not really a Suho follower so I don't know... but does he collect banners from their concerts? Because I know he also took a banner at the DAY 1 concert.
Though, Suho is one of my liked K-pop group leaders. I see dedication and sincerity in him!

Ugh, I'm hungry! Give me some Bacon!
Baekhyun, to me, looks like a typical Korean boy. I mean that in a good way! To me, he looks like my Korean students. The playful and naughty middle schoolers I used to teach a few years back! Hehe

KAI! Funny story. A friend of mine that is not into K-pop asked me one time "Hey, who is SKY in XO?" LOL! It's KAI, not Sky.

Cute Xiumin!

Almost time to say goodbye!

See? I told you I took over a hundred similar selfie photo!


Until the end, Chanyeol did nothing but pleased his fans, 

Then, there's Sehun collecting cute backpacks!

Aww. I love confetti but I hate seeing it at K-pop concerts because it means GOODBYE! 

Getting annoyed of this same selfie pose yet? Hehehe

Just like that, the concert ended. 3 hours is so long when you're waiting for something to happen yet it becomes too short when you are finally enjoying and having fun!

After the concert, my concert-buddy Maine and I grabbed some food for dinner. 

I got home past 12 midnight, filmed the Extro of the Vlog video (above this blog post), removed my makeup and slept!

It was a super fun night and I was so happy and thankful that I got to watch it. I wasn't going to watch it because I didn't have the budget for the ticket and I didn't know anyone who was willing to spend money and fall in line for hours to watch the concert. Good thing, KitKat invited me to experience their lounge and watch the show! Thank you so much, KitKat Philippines for giving me an awesome weekend concert Break!


Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you enjoyed the video and the photos! 

Did you watch the concert, too? Did you go to DAY 1 or DAY 2? How was your concert experience? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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