Monday, October 10, 2016

YouTube Lounge Meet and Greet on October 15, 2016

2 years ago, I had my very first Meet and Greet. It could probably hold the record for the Smallest Meet and Greet ever! At that time, I had 1 person to meet and then me. It was a meet-up with a my Filipina viewer, Krishna, working in Thailand that went back home here in the Philippines for vacation. She messaged me saying she adores my videos so much and would want to meet me and hand me a few items she personally bought in Thailand. That was it. 

(1st ever Meet and Greet with Krishna. Read more HERE.)

After that, I had a few Meet and Greet's with few of my most-loyal viewers, readers and followers. Here are some of them:

MARCH 2014
(Meet and Greet with loyal blog readers. Read more HERE.)


(Nail Art Workshop + Meet and Greet with my Loyal Followers. Read more HERE.)

Fast forward to October 2016, I am now preparing for a Meet and Greet in cooperation with YouTube and Ayala Mall! Just, WOW! Such upgrade in just 2 years!

Today, I am inviting YOU to a bigger Meet and Greet with ME on October 15, 2016, Saturday, 1PM at Glorietta.


What : Meet and Greet with Kristine, Say and Clara
When : October 15, 2016, Saturday
Where : Glorietta in Makati
Time : 2PM to 4PM

It's going to be on October 15, 2016, 1PM at Glorietta! It's a Saturday so I am hoping you guys could come! It's just a chill Meet and Greet! Let's Vlog together, take selfies, hugs and kisses and of course, you get to witness the YouTube Lounge in Glorietta! I really, really hope you guys could make it there! I also want to meet you! 

*Reminders from YouTube :
  • Meet and Greet is FREE for all. Everyone can come!
  • First 100 to line up will get special freebies from YouTube and Ayala. (Ayala will give out stubs and then they will cut off at 300 people.)
  • Meet and Greet will take place at the lounge itself where you can take pictures, sign autographs and interact with the YouTube Creators!
  • Fans will be quede at a nearby area and then ushered in groups.
  • There will be 10 security personnel.

For updates regarding this Meet and Greet, please follow me on Instagram @RealAsianBeauty. (I'm afraid no one would want to meet me. So, I hope my 3 loyal blog readers could come! Hehe) See you there!!!