Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kristine's 2014 Roundup ❤

I consider 2014 as one of my not-so-lucky years. I had a lot of ups but I also had a lot of downs. I encountered a lot of trials, difficulties and changes.. However, I believe that we should all be thankful for all the things that happen to us, good or bad. So here is a quick summary of the things that happened to me this year and the things/moments that made 2014 better!

First meet-and-greet with a reader! I am really awkward and could be shy and reserved in person so meeting you guys was one of the things I was scared of before. But Krishna broke that ice and my bubble when she met me. I realized that meeting you guys in person is actually so much fun compared to when we just talk on the comments section and on e-mail. (Read more here)

For me, a year without attending any K-pop events or concerts would mean a dull and lifeless year. Not that I would die without it but it just adds more fun and spice to the year. Any K-pop event automatically becomes one of the year-end highlights! hehe I was lucky enough to be invited to the DKFC2's press conference! (Read more here)

One night in February, I got so brave and inspired that I decided to write a more detailed blog post about my acne story and accompanied it with more photos of me with severe acne breakout. I felt that I wanted to share a more intimate version of my "acne story" to somehow inspire you guys. (Read more here)

I had my first ever group meet-and-greet at SM Aura with some of the loyal followers. It was also a fun day! The girls I met were so kind and sweet! (Read more here)

In March, I turned 28 years old. It felt surreal when I looked back that exactly 10 years ago that day, I was only 18. In my opinion, age is really just a number. I'm getting older now but my heart and my mind feel and think otherwise. I still feel so young that I don't get worried or pressured that my friends are married and have families while I'm still single. hehe Or should I really be worried? (Read more here)

I rarely go on out-of-town trips with my mom and my relatives so I was so happy when we went on a short trip to Matabungkay. (Read more here)

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I signed a contract with Spin Manila where they would show my YouTube videos aboard their RRCG buses. For me, it was a great deal because it was a chance to show my videos to people that are outside YouTube.


For 5 years, I worked as an online teacher to Korean students in Korea. Last August, I decided to give blogging more time so I decided to leave my current job and try being a full-time blogger and YouTuber. (Read more here)

My uncle had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. His condition was so severe that they doctors told us he only had a few days and will eventually die. But a miracle happened, after a few days, his body recovered and is doing well now!

I went on my first travel abroad to Hong and Macau! Yay! (Read more here)

I also got to meet the Disney characters at Disneyland in Hong Kong! (Read more here)

I was invited to attend B1A4's press conference! (Read more here)

I was also fortunate to be one of the people invited to attend CNBLUE's press conference. All Access Productions was on a roll that month as they had 2 K-pop events! I was also on a roll as I was able to attend both! hehe (Read more here)


I went to vloggers united and met these awesome ladies! (Read more here)

In November, we finally hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube! Yay! Thank you, everyone! (Read more here)

My December became more fun and meaningful when I participated in BDJ's outreach program to some some children in Paranaque! It was a touching experience and made my December even more worthwhile! (Read more here)

I was finally able to go to Tarlac to visit my grandparents. I missed them, especially my lolo. Time flies and we get so busy that we forget about some people that really matter. I actually forgot that it was back in 2012 when I last visited them. In 2 years, my grandfather got weak and is now bed-ridden. I can still talk to him and he still responds but it would have been nice if I was able to visit him and spent time with him when he was still able to walk, talk straight and look at me in the eyes. Ahh, sad. But I'm glad I still saw him and was able to talk to him.
My cousin, who I practically grew up with, also got married in Tarlac. I felt so happy for her as it's one our wishes: to get married to the man we love and deserves us. :) Oh, I caught her flower bouquet!! hehe #whosnext?

* *

Those are some things that happened to me this year. Not much, but every moment is worth being grateful for. I am looking forward to a more blessed and prosperous 2015!!

My New Year's Resolution? To work even harder, thrice is possible. Have less arguments with my mom and just let her be and let her talk when she's mad. Spend more time with people that matter. Smile often, be sincerely happy for people around me and only give attention to things,situations and people that matter. 

How about you? How was your 2014 and what are your resolutions for the new year?